Pixel Buds in a Apple World

I’ve had my pixel buds for almost a year now and I’m still very happy with them. They work great with my iPhone X and my MacBook Pro. (Record Screetch) Did you say iPhone X and MacBook Pro? Yes…Yes, I did. Why not the Air Pods? The Air Pods are indeed really nice but they have one flaw that I just can’t stand. Volume control is done With Siri whereas with the Pixel Buds I can swipe forward / backward for volume up and down on my right earbud. It works perfectly on both my MacBook and iPhone X. I love how fast and reliable it works especially when I’m on a run or at the gym. Speaking of the gym or on a run that brings me to the 2nd thing I actually love about the Pixel Buds which is the cord that tethers both earbuds. A lot of people have mixed feelings about it but I for one LOVE the cord! It has saved my ass twice on a run when one of the earbuds fell out.

Battery life overall has been pretty good for me I get about 3 hours on them before having to put them back in the case for charging and I’m only charging the case about once or twice a month. Sound quality is just as good as Air Pods in my opinion. They have decent bass and the mids and highs sound good to me as well. But take that for what you will we all hear differently so reviewing sound quality isn’t really an easy thing. What sounds relatively good to me may sound like shit to you.

So if your in the market for some wireless earbuds other than the Air Pods I can honeslty say these are pretty decent.

Pixel Buds Google Store Link

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